Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources have many advantages over fossil alternatives: they do not contribute to the scarcity of fossil resources, protect the climate, can be produced regionally, save long transport routes, promote independence in energy supply and increase regional added value. This is why Sekem Energy focuses exclusively on renewable energy sources in its energy supply.

Regional cycles

Sekem Energy focuses on the use of regional resources. Whether raw material potentials or existing energy locations, the local conditions are the starting point and focus for determining the optimal energy system solution. Establishing and strengthening regional value chains is an important concern for Sekem Energy. Experience shows that an energy supply system must be regionally anchored and meet economic, ecological and social criteria in order to be truly sustainable.

Technology mix

Sekem Energy's diverse expertise also includes the right combination of innovative technologies. The efficiency of the software can thus be increased many times over. Specially developed programs optimize the calculation processes of innovative technology combinations. The Process Network Synthesis (PNS), for example, enables rapid calculation of the energy supply system optimally tailored to regional conditions.

Synergy effects

Sekem Energy focuses on regionally and locally adapted energy technology networks, with individual technologies taking a back seat. The ideal combination of different technologies is much more important than good individual technologies. In this way, synergies can be optimally exploited, e.g. on the basis of waste heat utilisation concepts. Cooperation compensates for the weaknesses of the individual technologies, the advantages of which can have a better effect.

Network competence

Sekem Energy GmbH combines a variety of economic, legal, technical and scientific competencies under one roof. Many years of professional experience and know-how of the experts are complemented by cooperation in national and international networks. This network of experts enables a holistic approach, which is the prerequisite for the competent development of comprehensive energy concepts and their implementation. The scientific advisory board and the cooperation with universities keep Sekem Energy up to date with the latest research. In this way, the networks and cooperations provide customers with access to a broad spectrum of expertise.


Sekem Energy accompanies you through all project development phases - from initiation, in which the necessary prerequisites for a project are created, through conception and project management, through implementation to completion. Permanent monitoring ensures the achievement of objectives as well as compliance with the time and cost framework. With the one-stop-shop principle, communication processes are shortened, frictional losses are prevented and rapid project progress is ensured. This principle means that customers always have one contact person, save themselves the trouble of coordination work and receive their energy solution from a single source.