Holistic energy solutions

Economic structural change, rising energy prices, competition between regions for a resident population, increasingly scarce budgetary resources and changes due to climate change raise new challenges for many regions. Sustainable regional development helps to master these challenges and to meet the needs of present generations without endangering future generations. With the development and implementation of regional energy concepts, Sekem Energy makes an important contribution to the sustainable development of a region. Top priority is given to the following:

  • Promotion of regional value creation
  • Energy optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Security of supply 
  • Material and energetic use of renewable raw materials


Our target groups include: Regions, communities, industry, commerce, agriculture and forestry.

Sekem Energy provides its customers with their energy solution from a single source.
Sekem Energy creates energy concepts on a regional level using renewable and regional potentials and supports regions in the implementation of a clean and secure energy supply.

Service packages

First survey: Indicative values on (structural) resources, capacities and energy needs of the region are shown, which enable the delimitation of suitable energy locations and serve as an initial basis for decision-making.

Analysis of the current situation: In addition to the basic and resource data of a region, the regional demand for heating, cooling, electricity, mobility and energy efficiency is also recorded and analysed. Another important component is the discussion with regional decision-makers, from which the desired development directions can be defined.

Scenario development: Based on the results of the current situation analysis, short, medium and long-term scenarios for the sustainable design of the region's energy supply are developed. In the course of defining the scenarios with the help of process network synthesis, social networks and the interaction of local actors are also taken into account. The results are versions of scenarios with different energy technology networks, which are based on the resources of the energy demand of a region and take the respective regional development strategies into account.

Ecological assessment: With the help of the sustainable process index, the developed scenarios are subjected to an ecological evaluation. Different energy technology combinations are investigated, as well as the possibilities of material use and the cascade use of renewable resources.

Financing models: Legal and economic experts evaluate the respective scenarios and support the development of adapted financing options.

Implementation: Sekem Energy carries out the detailed planning and accompanies the implementation of the concept. Experts from the extensive pool of experts can be assigned to all sub-disciplines.

Information and awareness raising: The population of a region has proven to be a particularly important factor for a sustainable energy supply. Even exemplary regions have had to abandon projects if the public could not be convinced to cooperate. Therefore for Sekem Energy, awareness raising and public relations is a key measure regarding energy development of a region.