Research and development

Sekem Energy guarantees the optimal energy solution for its customers through constant innovation. Sekem Energy's projects not only bring a lot of experience and knowledge, they also raise new questions. Sometimes practical problems and challenges arise which the status quo of science cannot yet solve. These questions are collected at Sekem Energy and are bundled and transported into research.

Sekem Energy is closely linked to science and research through its Scientific Advisory Board and other scientifically committed network partners. The company carries out research and development projects in various collaborations in order to be able to answer the questions raised in practical situations. Sekem Energy's research activities thus have several advantages.

In this way, Sekem Energy contributes to the continuous development, innovation and solution of practical problems. An efficient, safe and clean energy supply is thus improved.

The results of research projects provide Sekem Energy's experts with new experience and state-of-the-art knowledge. This know-how, in turn, benefits the customers. In this way, the company can close the loop between theory and practice and at the same time always keep abreast of the current state of research.

For example, one can look at the development of the Egyptian market for high-quality solar thermal systems: The aim is to stimulate the solar thermal market in Egypt through the use of needs-based systems and to anchor knowledge about European technologies and applications in the education sector and the private sector in a sustainable manner.

This involves (1) adapting the technology to Egyptian requirements, (2) training teachers and professors at the vocational training centre and Heliopolis University in theoretical and practical methods as well as developing additions to the curricula, (3) training sales partners and suppliers on the subject of solar thermal energy, and (4) implementing measures to create favourable framework conditions.


Examples of Projects in the field of research and development